Biden’s VP Conundrum

Now more than ever, Biden’s Vice President choice is vital. He is an old white guy with clear weaknesses. In this pandemic environment, his lack of competence and acuity make gravitas more a key component of the person he chooses than identity politics. But. He also needs someone who will excite the young and left-leaning progressives. Then there’s the all-important independent swing-state vote.

And. He’s put himself in the gender box by promising to pick a woman.

So. Warren gets the left, the gravitas but not the swing-state vote. Harris ran a lousy campaign, which doesn’t show leadership skill. Klobuchar brings gravitas but not the young and progressive wing. Abrams gets maybe young, maybe black women, but lacks national stature. And so on. A very tricky situation to say the least.

5 Replies to “Biden’s VP Conundrum”

  1. Agreed. I think that the choice for VP is more important in this election than perhaps any in our history. Keeping senators where they are might also be more important depending on the state. A conundrum indeed. Who is the possible dark horse hiding in the weeds? Susan? Hillary? Oprah? Michelle? Sasha? Malia?


  2. Susan Rice brings Clinton baggage. Hillary same. Always thought Oprah could beat Trump as the Presidential nominee. Michelle popular with some, not all. The Sasha & Malia idea is a novel one.


  3. After incident in Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar is off the table and with Biden’s stupid comment ” You ain’t Black”, Kamala Harris rising. Which is not a good thing. So. Definitely maybe your choices have a chance.


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