Unforced Errors

No. Not tennis. Australian Open is over. However. Democrats are making so many unforced errors it is hard to keep track.

Iowa couldn’t conduct a caucus. If somebody got in a car and counted the bingo cards in every church in the state, it wouldn’t take this long. Confidence in elections and government-run things takes a huge hit.

To make matters worse, DNC’s dunce chair Tom Perez asks for a recanvass. Great. Prolong the agony of a horrible story. Biden then can call the whole thing a farce. And sorry again, Bernie. You lose even though you won. Pete and Mike used the fiasco to their own ends.

Hillary tells Ellen she would never say never to VP and seems never to leave the limelight. And. Back to Joe. He spent the better part of an hour on CNN talking about stuttering and cancer. Don’t forget Lizzie. Her Nevada staff is calling foul over her toxic workplace.

Would seem so easy to beat Trump. But. Nope. Can’t make it up.

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