2019 Report Card

From 12/9/2018


Women will march. Bernie will run. So will Biden. Trump will tweet. The media will go nuts every time he does. Lots of people will get shot by guns. – Unfortunately all came true

All-LA Super Bowl – Rams beat Chargers – Half true
Tiger wins a major – YAY TRUE
House gets set to impeach – Um Duh True
Trump mounts foreign military action to wag the dog – Just happened
2 more Supremes get replaced – Nope


Laura Benanti and Melania on Dancing With the Stars – nope
Ronan Farrow caught canoodling with Kevin Spacey – nope
Fired Generals storm the White House – too bad no
Jared and Ivanka hightail it to Saudi Arabia – not yet
Kimberly goes missing on a big game hunt with Donny Jr. – too bad no
Senate coots all keel over during a confirmation hearing – too bad no
Cory Booker is cast in new movie as Spartacus Рnot yet
Warren v. Harris cage fight on the Senate floor – too bad no
Hillary takes on the winner – no she’s in Northern Ireland
Nancy Pelosi hits herself on the head with the gavel – hmmm
Jeffrey Toobin & Chris Cuomo get #MeToo’d – not yet
Joe Scarborough leaves Mika for Katty Kay – not yet
Ray Donovan fixes Michael Cohen – nope
Yankees have a great season – nope

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