Dem Dozen

Twelve Democrats on one stage. Too many to have a meaningful debate. But. If you have to rate their performances.

My assessment a New York Times Pick.

Warren- Winner. Took incoming with clarity and aplomb.
Bernie- Strong. Happy to see him so spirited and consistent.
Biden- Better. Didn’t drool or stumble too much.
Kamala- Annoying. Phony as ever.
Pete- Good. Needs to pare paragraphs into sound bites.
Amy- Improved. Positive reviews, moderate in waiting.
The other six- See ya.

2 Replies to “Dem Dozen”

  1. Trump wins if it’s Warren (who is my fave)…barring a major flip-floppy moderate pivot in the general. Pete looks like a child and it’s unsettling. There’s something about Amy I just don’t like. Biden sucks. Bernie sucks.

    Bloomberg 2020


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