Semi-Sweet Sixteen

John Kasich of Ohio is the last one to announce GOP Presidential candidacy. Fiorina. Cruz. Paul. Santorum. Pataki. Christie. Carson. Walker. Trump. Bush. Rubio. Jindal. Perry. Graham. Huckabee. Oy. I think he’s the best of the lot. Actually believes what he says. He is a can do kind of guy. Pragmatic. Private and public sector experience. Worked at Lehman Brothers. ¬†Governor. U.S. Congressman. Armed Services Committee. Budget Committee. Upbeat vision. Reasonable values. Has a heart. God-fearing. Not God-preaching. Yup. He’s my fave for now. Huntsman team. No Neo-Cons. Truman-esque.

Is 16th the charm? Hope not too late to the party. Ohio. Ohio. Ohio.

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