Fall Peaks

Unique Saturday late-night sushi summit at Nakazawa on quaint village Commerce Street. No wasabi shmears nor soy sauce here. Purist omakase only. Skipjack, mackerel, scallops, uni taste as if they’d just jumped out of the sea onto the simple chic plates. A quiet table at the back window enhanced the 20-piece folie. Rumored to have been enjoyed also by Pitt and Jolie.

Twin Peaks return? Laura Palmer said she’d see us in 25 years. It’s here. Ray Wise, Leland Palmer is currently playing a cult leader on Y&R soap. So, he’s available. Calling David Lynch. Can’t wait. Meanwhile, Homeland is back. Carrie escapes dreaded motherhood, off to Afghanistan as Brody’s baby clone Frannie stays back home. Sociopaths on both sides of the terrorist conflict.

Pats, Giants and Niners win. We’ll take what we can get. Don’t celebrate yet.

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