Table’s Tilt

Stellar restaurateurs once converged in Northampton and made it a dining destination. Those shining stars have lately dimmed. Freshness, quality, service have disappeared into a black hole. I don’t want to pay less for three courses of frozen cardboard food. The economy is bad, true. So, put fewer choices on the menu and make sure they’re fresh and good. If you disagree, enlighten me.

A former bright local, Unmi has returned to open a new restaurant “Coco” in the former Easthampton Venus venue. Will try it soon. ‘Til then cooking at home.

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  1. just an FYI–even in NYC, we have found that most places serve average food with big checks. not worth it a lot of the time and we end up staying home.
    sad when the local coffee shop costs almost $40 for brunch(inc tip and tax but still…)


    1. Wow. Yes, we have noticed it lately in NY too. But, I’m always accused of being a food snob, so good to have confirmation.

      How was “Moneyball”?


  2. True-ish. But we need to get together soon. Do you want to try Chez Albert? I remember you said you had never been.


  3. Speaking of faded stars, miss the old Del Raye Bar. 5 years ago this weekend, the Deb & Wes sideshow was born there. Happy Collabaversary!


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