May Trek’d

Beautiful Memorial Day weekend-perfect weather, fun times with family. Jake met brothers, more cuzins, Aunt Jean Jean. Wonderful porch talks with Jame and Ben. Great party, hamburgers, hot dogs, all the fixin’s thanks to Deb, more in freezer for next barbecue. Sunday with Sylvia, went to old hippie throwback for lunch in Great Barrington, “the Gypsy Joynt”, homemade food and music nitely.

Joe will launch the re-make of “My Three Sons” as Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray), Wes will play “Bub” and Gary as Uncle Charlie.  The updated version will have Alison as Steve Douglas’ trophy wife with whom he has the youngest son “Chip”.  Deb will produce, CP will write. Yay, now we all have jobs.

Looking forward to Hornet’s Nest this week al fresco, t.v. in heavy re-runs and weather too nice. Here’s to a great May, welcome June. Birthday shout-out to Kimmy Pants manana, miss the old Finn tourney.

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  1. Love the new show redux line-up!
    Da-nar-nar-nar; Da-nar-nar-nar.

    Ben & Garrett entertained fav Aunt Deb (he’s the best BS’r) on the ride from Noho to NY-ho. Ah to be twenty something again. Na, that’s okay.


  2. Ok. I’m back!!! Great fun this memorial day weekend with the family (Cindy and fam, Hadley…we missed you!!). Many thanks for the nice blogs and comments on the Jakester and he wanted me to tell everyone how lucky he is to be part of such a great family. Ben put it well when he said how he grew to appreciate family, Noho etc…. We are all incredibly lucky! Deb….let’s get to work with the powers that be in LA on a remake of my three sons. I love the cast and God knows I could write one hell of a script!!


  3. Sounds like a lovely family-bonding weekend was had by all!
    Thanks for the b-day wishes.
    I was thinking of auditioning for Aunt Bea if you ever do an Andy Griffith remake.


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