GOT out

Game of Thrones season finale. Spoilers-ish. Cersei, Jaime, Stannis get their what for. Khaleesi encounters her original peeps. Jon Snow will soon be playing tennis with Andy Samberg. Arya gives as well as she gets. Tyrion rules. Sort of. Snippets of humanity between beheadings.

Hillary v. Jeb. Is that all there is? Probably so. In the meantime, off to vacay.

Check out 2015 book reviews for summer reading consideration:

The Green Road, Anne Enright.
The Wonder Garden, Lauren Acampora.
The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me, Sofka Zinovieff.
At the Water’s Edge, Sarah Gruen.
Ruby, Cynthia Bond.
All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr.
The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins.
The Magician’s Lie, Greer Macallister.
Boston Girl, Anita Diamant.
The Devil You Know, Elisabeth de Mariaffi.


Mad Grads. Make up your minds, seniors at Smith. One of few remaining all-female colleges. Do you want to see women succeed? Break the glass ceiling? Become leaders on the global stage? Christine Lagarde would have been the perfect speaker at your graduation because she has accomplished all you pretend to desire. You could have learned so much from hearing her perspective. Would you rather a man lead the IMF, banks, businesses? Plus, there’s that free speech thing. They don’t teach that at Smith? You have a great Economics Department. Its professors all disagree with your protests. Good for them!

5/15: I so agreed with Tim Egan’s column, “The Commencement Bigots”. My comment was a NYTimes pick. As an alum of Mount Holyoke, the first and still all-women’s college, I was all the more disappointed in Smith students’ protest of Christine Lagarde, the first woman managing director of the IMF, as this year’s speaker. Women’s Liberal Arts Colleges were founded on the principles of open-mindedness and respect for all opinions. In all walks of life. Not exclusively but most especially those of highly accomplished women.

Taking a few days to recover from MadMen7 episode this week. Bad Betty is back. She was a bit nicer mother when she was fat. Don’s continued connection to Megan is confounding. Ménage à trois notwithstanding. His career strategy seems feckless. And where is Weiner going with the nipple-slashing cray cray storyline? Is it that the Ad World will ultimately turn everyone truly Mad?

Over at Thrones, Tyrion’s soliloquy rises to Shakespearean superlative. Dinklage tour de force. And the rest of it. Talk about madness. Delicious.

Sterling & Silver

Adam Silver tarnished Don Sterling’s patina for life. A polished decision by the new Commissioner. NBA behaviors need further scrutiny on all levels.

MadMen7. Sterling Cooper Draper’s most businesslike and influential partner is none other than Joan. Shrewd and strategic. The guys are mired in emotion and game-playing. Peggy reacted unprofessionally as well. Don’s decision to accept demeaning conditions and slither back to Pryce’s old crypt is either pathetic or brilliant. Meanwhile, resentful mother Betty acts like a child and is cruel to her poor son Bobby. But, bad Betty is true to character.

Game of Thrones. Stark’s Valyrian steel passes from Jaime’s tainted grip to Brienne’s hand to avenge Ned’s death. Who is the boy king’s father? Khaleesi amasses more followers. Where are those dragons? White Walker baby…


Sang Froid

Viewer frenzy. Season 3 Game of Thrones, too gruesome grotesque. Did they see Season 1? Brutal porn. Beheadings, heart-eating, animal skinnings. Season 2 starts with baby-cide. Hard to believe it could get gorier. Usually eschew blood & guts. But, characters are compelling, acting good. Soldiering on.

MadMen. More Megan foreshadow. Sharon Tate-esque bandana this week. Real-life murderers. MadManson like MadKing Joffrey. And 5th anniversary of Jodi Arias’ fatal attraction throat-slicing frenzy. Froid. Sang. RFK. Hmmm.

Weather too perfect for this. Out to the garden. Red roses poised to pop.