Regnum Finis

Reege! Say it ain’t so. But. Whatta way to go. Followed you from Live! with Kathie Lee then Kelly. To Millionayah. To Crowd Goes Wild. Television King for decades. Raconteur. Real. Grumpy. Funny. David Letterman said when Regis retired, he stopped watching TV.

Stories that typified his persona. He put a lawn chair on the median of Park Avenue when he was living on the UES. Because they had planted tulips and he wanted to sit outside. And. Yes. He was besties with the Donald. Called him the Trumpstah. Every time he was on Live! Regis asked him when he was going to run for President. Regis had an engagement for Trump-Melania wedding in Palm Beach, so he didn’t go, but showed up at Mar-a-Lago for the honeymoon.

Miss you Reege. That’s my final answer.

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