GOT Siblings?

Game of Thrones. Season finale. Siblings rule. Khaleesi’s brother is Jon Snow’s father. Their heir would be set to take the throne. One of her dragon babies now kills walls with its blue flames. Will his dragon brothers turn on him? Theon Greyjoy finally fights for his sister as Queen. Cersei, despite her spite, cannot kill her brothers. One of whom is her new baby’s daddy. Again. Sansa colludes with her sister Arya to thwart the betrayer of their aunt sisters. Of course. The Mountain and The Hound are brothers. And. Will Sam avenge his brother’s firey demise? Who knows? But siblings will wage the last battle. As adversaries. Or allies.

Winter is definitely here. Great seven episodes. Sad to see this year’s adventures end.

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  1. Cercei isn’t really pregnant, using it as leverage. Jamie will end up killing her. Tyrion betrayed Dany which was the reason for that strange longing look while she was “with” her nephew on the boat. The Night King will win, but the White Walkers/Whites army will somehow be destroyed—resetting the entire population of Westeros. It will re-establish as a true democracy. As we’ve been saying since the beginning…”All men must die.” Perhaps it’s necessary to truly “Break the wheel.”

    My two cents.

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  2. I agree Cersei is not pregnant, but Arya or Brienne will ultimately kill her, not Jamie.

    Tyrion did not betray Dany – the look was a reflection of his fear that love/sex will just confuse Dany and distract her from her mission to save the world. Or he might have some inside info as to their actual biologic relationship.

    The Night King, and his dragon, will die, ending the White Walker/White threat (what is all that dragon glass for?), but not before they wreak havoc. Jon (or, I guess, Aegon) will kill the Night King using dragon glass. The dragon will be brought down by the mega-crossbow and a dragon glass tipped missile.

    Jon will ultimately die of his battle wounds, and Dany will birth their child who will become the true heir to the Iron Throne and marry an older, but still rather attractive, Sansa which will cement all the houses.

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