Watching the Sunday nail-biter with my guys and texting all weekend with J3. The Masters 2019. Doesn’t get any better than this.

After the 9th hole, I kept whispering to Tiger. Think of Daddy & Navy Seals. And. It seemed to work.

A miracle that anyone could comeback from that.


Pink Capper

Put a cap on this year’s Masters. Wrong about Rory. Jordan & Rickie did show up on Sunday. But. Patrick Reed was solid as a rock. The jacket fit. Deserved the “W”.

Meanwhile, it’s windy and chilling outside. Too much tube. SNL continues to stink. Except for Alec’s perfect take on the Trumpster-in-Chief. Cold open then plink. Bill Hader’s Barry is strange. Hit-man gone thespian. He is so good it works. Homeland too close to home.

Azalea Pedals

After Sergio named his daughter after the plant, he tied the record for highest scoring hole at The Masters. So yeah. Petals notwithstanding. Rainy Saturday pairings at Augusta National. Pedal to the medal on tomorrow’s soggy turf.

Paul Casey will be playing with himself. That should be fun to watch. Then there are people whose names you cannot pronounce nor have you ever heard of playing with Phippy and such. Lots of old guys made the cut. Vijay, Freddie. Ian & Tiger could be good. Otherwise until 2:00, sleep in. If Jordan doesn’t shut up, Dustin could choke him. That would entertain. Stenson and McIlroy the duo to beat. And. Yes Joey3Sticks. Rahm, Rosie & Reed are all in the hunt. Better get out that portly sized green jacket for Patrick. Justin case Thomas is out.

Masters Mix

Yes. It’s that week again. Already. 82nd Masters. Joey3Sticks has an early pick. Rosie. Justin Rose has often been a bridesmaid. Is it his turn to walk down the aisle in a Green Jacket?

Of course I’d love to see Tiger win this. But. He’s got perennial girl problems. Another blonde “golf wife-like” suing him. Hope springs.

More realistically. My prediction? Dustin is prone to choke. Jordan is annoying and likes the drink. Phippy is not out of the running. Never is at Augusta. Bubba surprises. Day is fragile. Ricky never has it on Sunday. I’ll go with Rory. Cheer for Rosie and Tiger, too.

Poulter’s putter IS hot!?

Masterful Finish

Springtime at Augusta National. A calming tradition in the midst of Trump-nadoes swirling around it. Arnie’s gone and Tiger’s done. Phippy try to tie them at 4. Sergio hoping for an homage to Seve. Spieth fighting back demons on 15. Another South African or Brit feat. An old guy playing the game of his life. Could be none of these. But. It’ll be a Masterful finish.

Masters Class

2016 Masters Champ Danny Willett not refined. Gritty Brit. Gracious in victory. Despite Spieth’s sourpuss toss of the green jacket. He choked. Yes. He’s a kid. Okay. But. Showed lack of class. Rory and Rosie did tie. For 10th.

Girls. Hannah’s body is not best in show. Too much exposure. We get it. Though. The series hasn’t matured despite its stellar cast. Lena’s nakedly raw writing has gone berserk. Game of Thrones returning. Maureen Dowd’s column with Peter Dinklage an uncomfortable miss.

Augusta Sans Lusta

The Masters. Never as much fun without Tiger. That said. It’s always entertaining and a beautiful spectacle. Azaleas. Old white men. Mostly. Quiet tradition. No. It ain’t Trump National. So. Joey3Sticks has Rory to win at -12. I’ll give Rosie his first green jacket at -10. Even though I’ll be following Adam Scott. Closely. Anybody but Phippy.