Place Card

Sheltering in place. Day 10?

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo pre-empts The View. Which is fine. He is a leader and should run for President. Joe Dotard should step aside.

NJ Governor is a jerk and cuts into The Young & The Restless. My renewed few days on stationary bike have therefore withered away. Maybe today.

Celeste Ng’s novel has been made into a series on Hulu. It is great. Little Fires Everywhere. Kerry Washington is fabulous as is the whole cast.

Sappy & soppy but a feel-good diversion. American Idol. Where auditions and heart-break are still normal somewhere.   Just Sam!

Coronavirus Chronicles Vol. I

2 weeks ago:

Had birthday dinner at Gramercy Tavern. Now closed. Sat outside on a clear warm sunny day sipping Sauvignon Blanc at Tavern on the Green courtyard bar. Now closed.

A week ago:

Dr. Husband shopped as usual at Citarella. Aisles too narrow to go there now. Pioneer is better. And. Fresh Direct delivered with 2 days notice. Now windows are at least 10 days out.


Next-door neighbor who is never home because she travels the world for work had a Peloton delivered. Luis our Doorman who usually gives me a hug was sitting behind the desk wearing a mask. I sprayed an Amazon box with Windex all-purpose cleaner before opening.


April baby shower for nephew/niece canceled. Positive reviews and calls for NY Gov Andrew Cuomo to run for President 2024. Maybe sooner?

Bonus Gift

68 degrees & sunny. Happy day to me. Escaping all the cofveve. Sister Deb brought me a beautiful cactus which served as a centerpiece for our Tavern on the Green table. On a perfect Spring-like day.

Daffs are up already in Central Park.



Media Dilemma

Be careful what you wish for MSNBC & CNN. Colbert & Seth. You and many others are in danger of losing your shows. Biden is rallying the moderates and has Bloomberg’s digital network now. So he could actually beat Trump. Especially if the economy slumps. Then What?

Ratings will drop like a rock. No Trump derangement jokes. No collusion. No quid pro quos. Schiffty-Schiff will have to retire his impeachment investigations. Orange-man rallies will be gone. No more ranting about Trump-tweets. Gone sweet righteous indignation. Just boring Joe.

Dirty little secret. They’ll find a way to make sure Trump wins again.

Septua Gen Zzzz

Who will win Super Tuesday? Fourteen-state cache of delegates. Or. As Sleepy Joe likes to call it – Super Thursday. Prediction. Bloomberg gets maybe zero. That’d be a really bad return on investment. Bernie beats Amy & Lizzie in their own states. Joe picks up a bunch. But. Probably won’t remember what they are for. He still thinks he’s running for U.S. Senate. Not a joke. Folks. Give ’em to Barack!

Any which way. One old white guy will run against another in November. If they’re not all in a coronavirus quarantine in the sky.

Tattered Pants of the Sisterhood

Harvard wants its sororities to be gender-neutral. Everyone welcome. Oxymoron alert! Sorority means sisterhood. Fraternity brotherhood. That’s for starters. Definitions be damned. These exclusionary clubs were founded to do just that. Keep certain people out! Catholics. Jews. Non-jocks. Ugly people. Poor people. So yeah. And. How can you have mixers now? Plus. Aren’t college campuses supposed to provide segregated safe spaces for Snow Flakes?

Sororities used to be bastions of non-micro aggressed against pretty blonde cheerleaders. What’s next? Sad Glee Clubs?