Mike’s Long Game

As Dems rearranged deck chairs on the Titanic, Mayor Mike was out and about playing the long game. He’s had more air time with his non-stop ads than all of the rest combined. Except maybe Steyer.

Mike is dissecting the Country to target consequential counties making the case that Trump needs to go. Whether you vote for Mike or not. And. That the Democrat Party needs an overhaul. If anything can steer the barge into a 180 degree turn, it’s Bloomberg’s juggernaut.

Betting is on Mike.

Impeach Cobbler

A cobbled together partisan impeachment. Russian collusion a joke. Ukrainian interference also laughable. Nothing about this process is dignified by statesmanship or comity. Rather. Pure political pulp.

Trumpistas condone bad behavior to get good judges. Dems criticize everything he does. To what end? Instead of finding the best candidate, they have contrived a just desserts for no compelling crime.

In the meantime. Go Mayor Mike! That’d be truly sweet.

Mike of the People

Mike Bloomberg billionaire. A man of the people? Actually. Yes. He could be seen riding subways, grabbing breakfast at a diner on the Upper East Side, walking around town. Talking to regular folks.

One night we were having dinner at Lure Fishbar in SoHo. Mayor Mike and Senator Chuck Schumer with their partners were in the next booth. We tried not to stare and went on with our orders. After they were finished, they walked by our table. Bro Joe said, “Hey Mike why don’t you run? He said, “For what?” Bro said, “For President.”

The two women kept on going. But. Mike & Chuck stopped to chat. Mike said he wasn’t thinking about that then. In 2010. He wanted to know where our son was going to college and such. They stayed for quite a long time. Nice and curious men.

Run Mike Bloomberg!

Voted for Mike Bloomberg in 2016. Wrote him in. Now he’s filed for Alabama Presidential Primary. Biden weak. Warren can’t win.

Bloomberg’s a guy who actually runs stuff well and gets things done. Public sector. Private Sector. Can spend his own bucks. No need for fundraisers. Beholden to neither K Street nor Wall Street. But. Would middle America vote for a short billionaire Jew from New York?!  They should. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Run. Mike. Run.

President Mike

Les Bon Temps

Laissez les bon temps roulez! Hillary isn’t running. Yay. Nor Mike Bloomberg. Boo. Maybe Biden. Won’t matter. Left has taken over the Party. And. Nadler overreach to impeach could still play into the witch hunt narrative to derail the Dems.

Since Tiger’s out for Arnie’s tourney. Go for a POP of quirky fun. Besides the delightful Schitt’s Creek. Check out Flack. Anna Paquin plays an off-kilter mix of Liev’s Ray Donovan and Dockery in Good Behavior.


Solar Eclipse 2017. Truncated at 70% in NYC. It was basically a sunny turned gray day non-event. But lots of people were wearing weird glasses in Central Park.

Movie filmed on our block on election day last November. Just released. Not doing so good. The Only Living Boy in New York. Callum Turner. Cynthia Nixon. Probably left on the cutting room floor.

Meanwhile, we are saved! Mike Bloomberg is assuming the helm. Snatching the tiller from Hillary & Co.


red-tree-lakeOn a perfect autumn day. Strolled around the Lake. Brought ballots to the Post Office. Voted! For whom? Hint. Stayed true to my initial instinct. Wanted a billionaire businessman who had success in both private and public sectors. It was before the tectonic announcement last June 16 of that other so-called buffoon/tycoon. So. Yes. I wrote in. Guess whopark-tree-line

Dr. Husband. Well. He voted for her. I’m sure. TTSD almost over.

Lucid Lunacy

He’s done it. El Trumpo made himself the sane choice of the old Republican guard. He has replaced their view of him as the sideshow huckster with a scarier Carnival Cruz. The fringe right are out to dump the Trump which just confirms him as the more mainstream choice. If Mike Bloomberg doesn’t join the fray, at the end of the day it’ll be Donald J. Despite the fact that Sarah Palin is now in play. Predict cold open on SNL this weekend will feature Darrell Hammond and Tina Fey. Oy vey. Blame John McCain!

Full moon and just south a blizzard blows. Carolina v. Pats in the SuperBowl. Safe weekend.

Ludic Dreams

My playful predilections and demented dreams are coming true. Entertainment alert. Who knew? Bern rising so much so that Morning Mika suggested that Hillary will need to team up with Elizabeth Warren on the ticket!! What a dynamic duo. Whoa. And Sarah Palin will indeed be “palling around” with Donald Trump. Not her old buddy Cruz. Can’t make it up. No one could conjure a more outlandish reality show. And I can see it from my house!

What’s next? Melania will leave Donald and hook up with Bill. Huma and Hillary will run away together. Mike Bloomberg will swoop in and become our next Prez. Yes!