Better Places

If we are all still here after Saturday, we can rejoice in the emergence of Mike Bloomberg’s Global Business ForumThe New York billionaire who should be President. Don’t blame me. I voted for him! Rational. Professional. Ethical. Brilliant. And. He really does have a macro economic vision. Unlike. Well. That other New York billionaire (ish).

Then. Find Conan O’Brien’s trip to Israel. On this Jewish New Year. An hilarious and heartbreaking synopsis of what a world at peace could be. Good people on both sides of the Wall. And beyond. Must see.


Solar Eclipse 2017. Truncated at 70% in NYC. It was basically a sunny turned gray day non-event. But lots of people were wearing weird glasses in Central Park.

Movie filmed on our block on election day last November. Just released. Not doing so good. The Only Living Boy in New York. Callum Turner. Cynthia Nixon. Probably left on the cutting room floor.

Meanwhile, we are saved! Mike Bloomberg is assuming the helm. Snatching the tiller from Hillary & Co.

Second Thoughts

Marine LePen came in second to 39-year old Macron. A former investment banker, he married his 24-years older former high school teacher. What? Yup. Stock market likes him better. Run-off will result in an outsider running France either way. Former Prez Obama emerges at the University of Chicago. The guy I voted for President, Mike Bloomberg is still my first choice.

Rory McIlroy tied the knot at Ashcroft Castle in Ireland. He wasn’t ready with Caroline and dumped her the day the invites went out. This time he showed up to wed a PGA friend.


red-tree-lakeOn a perfect autumn day. Strolled around the Lake. Brought ballots to the Post Office. Voted! For whom? Hint. Stayed true to my initial instinct. Wanted a billionaire businessman who had success in both private and public sectors. It was before the tectonic announcement last June 16 of that other so-called buffoon/tycoon. So. Yes. I wrote in. Guess whopark-tree-line

Dr. Husband. Well. He voted for her. I’m sure. TTSD almost over.

Lucid Lunacy

He’s done it. El Trumpo made himself the sane choice of the old Republican guard. He has replaced their view of him as the sideshow huckster with a scarier Carnival Cruz. The fringe right are out to dump the Trump which just confirms him as the more mainstream choice. If Mike Bloomberg doesn’t join the fray, at the end of the day it’ll be Donald J. Despite the fact that Sarah Palin is now in play. Predict cold open on SNL this weekend will feature Darrell Hammond and Tina Fey. Oy vey. Blame John McCain!

Full moon and just south a blizzard blows. Carolina v. Pats in the SuperBowl. Safe weekend.

Ludic Dreams

My playful predilections and demented dreams are coming true. Entertainment alert. Who knew? Bern rising so much so that Morning Mika suggested that Hillary will need to team up with Elizabeth Warren on the ticket!! What a dynamic duo. Whoa. And Sarah Palin will indeed be “palling around” with Donald Trump. Not her old buddy Cruz. Can’t make it up. No one could conjure a more outlandish reality show. And I can see it from my house!

What’s next? Melania will leave Donald and hook up with Bill. Huma and Hillary will run away together. Mike Bloomberg will swoop in and become our next Prez. Yes!