Nikki Haley’s new book says that John Kelly & Rex Tillerson tried to get her to join the Insider White House Resistance. Hmmm. As I’ve said. She’s going to be the first woman President.

Dems will hold impeachment hearings on all broadcast channels this week. Pre-empting daytime drama sweeps. Guess who’d be more interesting? Schiffty-Schiff or Shifty Victor. Yep.

Warning. Choose to askew Catherine the Great. Insipidly stupid & gross. Helen Mirren as a horny old hag. Couldn’t do it. Meanwhile, Jack Ryan is ripped from the headlines. An action-packed diversion.

Predict of the Day

So. Today’s prediction. Actually it’s an old one for me. Just may happen sooner than expected. That Nikki Haley would become the first woman President of the United States.

Latest scuttlebutt. Nikki may challenge Trump for the Repub nom. Or. He may resign. And then she’ll be free to run. If so. Can she beat Biden? Warren? In the general election? Maybe we’ll see.

First Woman President?

Nikki Haley’s path to the White House. Governor of South Carolina. Ambassador to the United Nations. Lindsey Graham replaces Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Haley fills Graham’s seat as Senator from South Carolina. She then runs for President 2024. Wins.

First woman President. Al Smith Dinner 2018.