Spotted this enterprising guy in Central Park. Where else could his buttons be more popular? As I was buying one as a gift for my TTSD-suffering Dr. Husband, a group of school kids came over wanting to see the array of choices. Dr. H bought them a few, too. One young man whispered to me, “I voted for Trump over Hillary”. He was maybe 12. I said, why? He said because if Hillary were President, we’d already be at war now. Hmmm.

Then a wonderfully hilarious column about MSNBC addiction in the NY Times spoke to me. Every time I walk into a room it’s on. Pedantic pontificating hosts are killing me! So related.

“It’s Mueller Time”


Young women reporters following the campaign on MSNBC. Call themselves Road Warriors. Hallie Jackson. Kristen Welker. Kasie Hunt. Katy Tur. Tireless. Professional. Attractive. Yet. No false eyelashes. Nor pancake makeup. Modern garb vs. cocktail dresses. Foxbots they are not. Relentless questioning. Know their stuff. Historically. Currently. Refreshingly. Journalistic.