Worst 2014

Rape of the leaves. Construction next door.
Sochi Olympics. Return of Putin.
Crying Wolfowitz. Right-wing and media fear-mongering.
ISIS. GangWorld.
Ebola. E-bowling.
Malaysia missing airplane obsession.
Ferguson media hype.
Commencement Speech bigots.
Football violence on and off the field.
TV’s Newsroom. Veep.
“Cute cat”┬ávideos.
Construction next door.


Gladwell v. Gladiators

Author Malcolm Gladwell calls American Football a moral abomination. Likening it at one point to dogfighting. More like modern Gladiators. Armed combatants fighting to the delight of huge arena crowds. In Football, arms are the arms. Larger bodies, muscles, enhanced artificially as well as physical drive. Defensive ends gain speed and brute brawn. Hits are becoming close to lethal.

Universities pay football coaches far more than professors. Stadiums continue to be funded by alums in staggering amounts. Behavior of players has deteriorated more with each year on and off the field. Cloistered, covert, cult of silence surrounds these transgressions. College courses for hallowed warriors unattended with no grades. And then there are the Pro’s. Gladwell v. Goodell.

As a lover of the game, it’s getting scarier and more difficult to watch.┬áPlus. Niners v. Giants today. Which to root for? A safe game.