Legislative lunacy lingers on. Obama admin opened the door to the asylum by not having a clue what to say or do about its wacky healthcare law. Fund-raising websites working flawlessly, as exchange sites crash and burn. Nutty.

photo-23Good looney. Colby J. Herchel, UConn undergrad has written and staged an original musical to be performed there on October 19. Claire de Loon’s chaotic relationships are set in the tranquil backdrop of the Adirondacks. It’s a modern take on Chekhov’s The Seagull. SisterCindy inspired her nephew by hosting him over the years at Little Moose Lake.

Midnight Oasis

As we bid so long to summer this week, the harvest moon rose over the high desert’s kingdom of Nye in the great American southwest. After a long drought, Art Bell’s voice has softened with age as he broadcasts from his lone trailer. Sirius XM. Soothing to know he’s there in the dark once again. Send your camels to bed.

Another mass shooting’s sad perpetual ritual of teddy bears, balloons and flowers at tragic site, empty symbols of lawmakers’ inaction. The focus instead is on Benghazi, defunding Obamacare. Washington a vast wasteland. It’s scary when Assad sounds like the most rational guy on the planet. Guess cuz he was sitting across from crazy Kucinich. No wonder escaping into space is so appealing.

May Ville

photo-29May in New York. Sunny and seventies? No. Friday was beautiful, though. Supper al fresco on Park Avenue South.

Then over to the Lunt Fontanne for Motown. Berry Gordy’s homage to himself. For good reason. He merged music and ethnic cultures. Changed society.  Jesse Nager & Co. entertained with lightning talent and costume changes. All the hits. Dancin’ in the aisles. A really fun show. photo-26

Maysville on 5th & 26th. Bourbon bar? Yes. The food is the real reason to go. After the Derby or the Preakness, this is a Saturday culinary winner. And Dr.Husband did love the whiskey. Atlantic Grill was a Sunday cluster-brunch. But, Betsey’s Tipsy Donuts were born. Powdered sugar. Familial giggles.


Springtime weekend. Masters class. Tiger, Sergio, Phil navigating azaleas and pine straw. A fourteen-year old phenom from China. Lindsey Vonn wearing a Megan hat. Speaking of whom, Matt Creamer’s MadMen premiere recap is here. Agree, death is the theme, but not enough emphasis on the juxtaposition of Vietnam doom and gloom against tacky Hawaiian tourist escape. More ad biz, less location shots. And, am I the only person who missed the Sylvia Rosen tryst?

Check out this great Brooklyn via Northampton folk-rock band. The Sun Parade. A musical Girls-esque video. Great strings, production. Beautiful young talent.

Weekend Soul

When you get older. Silvery hair. I’d never lock the door. Birthday greetings. Bottle of wine. Sunday SideTreks. Go for a ride. Who could ask for more? I will still need you. I will still feed you. When you’re … Siempre. Mi amor.

Beatles notwithstanding, Billy Joel’s song at concert last night for hurricane Sandy victims. That’s soul. Voice richer than ever. Lyrics perfect. Off to LumberYard in Amherst with Lilly’s abuelitos. Extra hour of sleep.

Walls Bridges

John Lennon’s fifth album. 1974. Whatever Gets You Through the Night. It’s all right. Gray autumn so far. Darker mornings. When do clocks go back?

Check out the Fall Edition of MSKCC Bridgesespecially relevant in October.

Mitt the Massachusetts moderate has climbed over the right wing wall. Obama better learn to leap soon. Enthusiasm poll is the only one that will count on election day. He has to convince us why he wants to stay.

Cliché of the day. Friend jumper.

Four O’Clock Rock

Every afternoon at 4:00, after school, we’d go over to cousin Terri’s house. She and her friend Florida would have American Bandstand in black and white on the tube. They were cool teenagers who taught us kids the latest dances. The Pony. Wah-oh wah-tusi. Mashed Potatoes. They’d worry if Carmen wasn’t dancing with Dino that day. Did they break up? Philly teens of every color twisted together across the floor. The first reality television. Singers and the beat of the music mere background to the drama of the ‘regulars’ every afternoon.

Dick Clark created a world where color disappeared as Frankie Avalon and Freddie Cannon shared the stage with Little Richard and Little Eva. Final salute. Good show.

See comments for Hair Die update at dentist.

Clock Spring

31,000 SideTrekkers. Tightly wound waking up to daylight. An hour late. What does it say that we finally succumbed to buy HBO for Game Change? Julianne Moore was transcendent. Juxtaposed with Tina Fey, more the real Sarah. Woody Harrelson as Schmidt great. Ed Harris’ McCain the true traitor. Country Last.

SNL back to stretching unfunny sketches too long. Jonah Hill was clearly reading cue cards. mAdBen got to hear Herbie Hancock play his classics including ‘Watermelon Man‘ at LincolnCenter Jazz. Speaking of ads, Cartier is gorgeous. Can Tiger turn his flashes of the old brilliance into a consistent tournament? And… Jessica Sanchez. Wow. Remember that name.

NoHo Tune

“Massachusetts Afternoon”, SNL’s The Blue Jean Committee folk ditty set in Northampton. What’s the back story? Hmmm. Seth Meyers’ girlfriend is BFF of someone’s daughter who dates music producer in NoHo? No? Don’t know. Leggy women in NoHo? Whoa. No Ho. This is too easy. We’ll get to the bottom of the story. Catchy tune. Check it out. Fred Armisen must have a sister at Smith.

Romney says his real name is Mitt. What, Willard? Cain calls Wolf “Blitz”? Is he a reindeer? Hide under your beds, the Republicans are coming. Let’s head into a healthy stuffington day for all and forget these turkeys.


Ben’s Hurricane Irene layover yielded an unexpected glorious day on Lake Michigan. Art Institute’s extraordinary collection worth it.
My recollection there is hosting a closing dinner in front of the Chagall windows during a 1990’s blizzard.

VMA show, Gaga’s non-Guido brilliant. Tony and Russell branded Amy Winehouse worthy of Billie Holiday status. Jazz, blues genius rarely heard. Songstress, poet. Bennett’s duet with her, ‘Body and Soul’ confirmed all of that. Rare talent. Bruno Mars’ ‘Valerie’ tribute spot on. Here’s to Joe.