Topaz. November birthstone. Penultimate month of 2017. Already. Fall back. Need the extra sleep after late nights watching the World Series. It was fun. Love the Astros team. Altuve is my MVP. Also. Time for one-pot meals despite the thermometer’s resistance. We can still make stews, vindaloos or braised veal shanks. Osso Buco. Great after running the Marathon. Or. Just watching the fireworks at tonight’s opening ceremonies. Pre-Game Finish Line

La Paz. North Korea hot topic of Trump’s Asia trip. Can a coalition thwart a military option? Diane Sawyer has been investigating ISIS recruitment of young men. Timely 20/20 report. It’ll be interesting if it tracks with SideTrek’s thoughts. Brothers KaramazOff.

Slick Sliding Away

Sliders out. Homeruns in. Slicker World Series balls pitchers say. Can’t throw strikeouts with their usual grips. Lots and lots and lots of hits. Little league scores. Bullpens depleted. But. It sure was fun to watch all that slugging. Even into 1:40 am.

Who will be indicted today. Greasy Manafort or sleazy Flynn. Will they flip and turn others in.

Ray Donovan finale slips into New York for a different point of view.

Pseudo Surprise

Media pundits remain in denial as Donald Trump and Ben Carson continue to top the polls. Remember Sarah Palin? When Kristol and Rove pushed her as Republican’s nominee for Veep, they opened the barn door. Even respected journalist Peggy Noonan says nothing will her surprise her this election season. It’s time to take notice. Both she and Trump are out with new books. His of course politically incorrectly titled Crippled America. Shocker.

IMG_0745Oh no! Mets lose?! Expected or not. Being at the World Series in Citi Field seats was reportedly loads of fun.