Will North & South Korea benefit from cultural connections at the Olympics? If so, it may be the best outcome of a lackluster Games. Meanwhile back at Homeland, ripped from the headlines. Will Alex Jones mount a standoff? Guns. Militias. Tipping toward civil unrest.

Franco out. Tiger in.

Read Lisa Halliday’s debut novel, Asymmetry. The first section a novella memoir of her romantic liaison with a forty-years older Philip Roth-esque author mentor. That section was good. The second and third sections failed as did the structure. Not so much.

Book Treks reviews.

On the Button

@PushDicksButton is the bomb. 88-year old double gold medal figure skating champion’s tweets are as always analytically apt. With a bitchy twist. #Ugly leg on the layback catch foot. #Flailing arms is not skating. #Too much skirt. Meh. #Ha!

Tanith White was superb in her ice dancing commentary. Redemption for a lackluster games. Even as the stadium seats remain unfilled. On the downhill. Lindsey Vonn is a role model with extreme tenacity and a bronze medal. Class act.

On the home front. America’s children are not waiting for America to love them more than it loves its guns. They are taking action. Hope it makes a difference. Hope.

Winter Lames

No USA! Medals today. Our team is so lame that anchors are Brits. Couldn’t get Americans to cover the luge or ski jump events either. Only snowboarding & Johnny & Tara. Downhill down. On the local front. South Korea has interesting food choices. No comment.

AT&T Pebble Beach much more entertaining. Bill Murray in his screaming highwater bell-bottoms. Josh Duhamel. Tony Romo. On the links or anywhere. mAdBen just up the coast hanging in San Fran at his cousin Jamison’s restaurant Duna. Better to be there.