Classical Notes

Wimbledon Men’s Final. A riveting rare classy classic. Could have gone either way. Djokovic and Federer beautifully played a 5-set 12-12 tie-breaker. First time in history. Didn’t get to the Park until after three.

Pete Buttigieg on David Axelrod’s great CNN show. It seems they’ve known each other for quite some time. At one point, Axelrod reminded Pete that his piano teacher told him not to just play the notes perfectly, but to make music. Axelrod as campaign maestro.

Djokers Wild

A tale of two Djoks. A Serbian tennis star. Class act after losing to the sullen Scot. Quite a different path, Novak from Djokhar Tsarnaev, Chechnan terrorist.

77 years on 7/7 for a Brit Wimbledon win. Perry, ’36. You won, Andy! Would it kill you to smile? Looked like you lost. Lackluster tournament all around.

However…plenty of steamy family frivolity over the weekend. Somebody liked our new pocket hose. Don’t ask. photo-34