Up Lifts

No. Not botox.

But. Two nurses from Alabama came to the City to work on the front lines. The West Side Rag learned that they were paying their own rent to stay nearby on the UWS. So. They did a story and donated $200 to start a GoFundMe. Within 45 minutes their $9,800 goal had been reached. Community.

Also got to dress up for the first time in months. To make a video for a family event. Plus. Lots of restaurants are re-opening for take-out and delivery. So. Yay.

Trump Sandwich

Okay. 40 minutes into the Veep debate. Kaine is just creepy. Moderator is beyond incompetent and biased. Pence seems sincere. Even if he is defending a petulant adolescent for President. So. Here’s something to cheer us up. West Side Rag’s photo of a creative restaurant in the ‘hood. Enjoy.