Westworld Webs

Tangled webs of steel in NYC. Scaffolding epidemic shrouds sidewalks creating dank tunnels. Scars landmark architecture and darkens storefronts. Kills business. Yes. I’ve written about this a lot. West Side Rag quotes me as a “local scaffolding critic”.  A City councilman wants to limit timeframes for prolonging this blight. My NYTimes comment completely agrees. Dakota disfigured by it for years and still 36 to the day after John’s Lennon’s demise.

Westworld. Season finale. Spoiler Alert! Twist without a twist. Rod Serling Twilight Zone episode. Kept waiting for a less hackneyed reversal. Too obvi. Will the hosts turned proprietary inhabitants now have to rely on the creepy little writer for their story lines? What about William. He owns the place and seemed to survive. Anyway. Long road to a finale which was neither surprising nor particularly clever.

Trump Sandwich

Okay. 40 minutes into the Veep debate. Kaine is just creepy. Moderator is beyond incompetent and biased. Pence seems sincere. Even if he is defending a petulant adolescent for President. So. Here’s something to cheer us up. West Side Rag’s photo of a creative restaurant in the ‘hood. Enjoy.