Water Grate

CNN’s constant aging pundit, Carl Bernstein seems to want to equate all of Trump’s actions with Watergate. It’s really mostly to elevate his forgotten glory. Does anybody remember Nixon, the scandal or him? Meanwhile, the other half of the Washington Post’s bygone investigative team, Bob Woodward has finished a new book, Fear- atmosphere in the current White House.

Woodward has consistently railed against the press’ opinionated infotainment bent. No longer objective journalism, with few exceptions. He says, “I worry, I worry for the business, for the perception of the business, not just Trump supporters, they see that smugness … I think you can ride both horses, intensive inquiry, investigation, not letting up … at the same time, realize that it’s not our job to do an editorial on this.”- Axios  Agree!   His book comes out 9/11.

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?

Billy Bob Clinton called Special Counsel Ken Starr’s investigation a “witch hunt” and “a vast right wing conspiracy”.  Sound familiar? It was. A blue dress with no connection to any of the original so-called charges caused the impeachment of a President. While Rome burned. Memos. Grand juries. Indictments. Cover-ups. Sound familiar? Tricky Dick. Yup. Rome burned. What has it all gotten the American people? Not so much. Lots of lawyer hours and media pundits cashing in. Book deals. Movies. It’s all rich. For the few. Sound familiar? Meanwhile. Rome still burning.

Exaggerate Gate

Watergate was then. In retrospect not that great. Of a scandal. But. Everything now is constant press overreach. Russia-gate. Comey-gate. Server-gate. Benghazi-gate. News-cycle silly-gates galore. Woodward & Bernstein sit on panels recalling glory days of yore. Investigative reporters straining to break the next bombshell. Exaggerate non-stories hoping one will stick. Sad!