Worse Than Watergate!

Trump corruption. Worse than Watergate!

Carl Bernstein says so. Every night. On CNN. Then. Anderson Cooper asks him if he really really thinks it is worse than Watergate. And. He says so again. Then. Gloria Borger and David Gergen wax poetic about Carl’s investigative journalism a hundred years ago. When they were in their 20’s. Ah. Yes. They remember it well. The good old days of Deep Throat. And. Just for good measure. There’s a segment with Chris Cuomo and John Dean. Yup. You guessed it. Watergate.

If only we could bring back Robert Redford & Dustin Hoffman.

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?

Billy Bob Clinton called Special Counsel Ken Starr’s investigation a “witch hunt” and “a vast right wing conspiracy”.  Sound familiar? It was. A blue dress with no connection to any of the original so-called charges caused the impeachment of a President. While Rome burned. Memos. Grand juries. Indictments. Cover-ups. Sound familiar? Tricky Dick. Yup. Rome burned. What has it all gotten the American people? Not so much. Lots of lawyer hours and media pundits cashing in. Book deals. Movies. It’s all rich. For the few. Sound familiar? Meanwhile. Rome still burning.

Exaggerate Gate

Watergate was then. In retrospect not that great. Of a scandal. But. Everything now is constant press overreach. Russia-gate. Comey-gate. Server-gate. Benghazi-gate. News-cycle silly-gates galore. Woodward & Bernstein sit on panels recalling glory days of yore. Investigative reporters straining to break the next bombshell. Exaggerate non-stories hoping one will stick. Sad!