Ms. Veep

Maureen Dowd writes about Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman Vice Presidential nominee with Walter Mondale in 1984. How she was called a bitch and worse. And that Biden’s choice will likely be subjected to similar treatment because she will be a woman.

The truth is that Biden himself has set up whomever he chooses to be called a token pick when he announced that his primary criterion was gender. Rather than saying he’d want the best person to be able to run the country on day one. And then naming a woman.

Of the women on Biden’s “list”,  only Susan Rice has the gravitas to take the lead if necessary. As illustrated in this The Atlantic  piece, as Obama’s NSA, she even anticipated and planned for a global pandemic.

Yet. Rice is saddled with baggage of the Clintons and her experience as a Washington establishment insider. It’s a trade-off, but Biden is too weak to run with anyone else.

The Amy Effect

Amy Klobuchar created several effects with her one statement. She is taking herself out of contention for Biden’s Vice President pick because she thinks Joe should pick a woman of color.

  1. She can’t be told she wasn’t his pick, since she took herself out of the running.
  2. She took rival Elizabeth Warren out of the running.
  3. She boxed Joe into picking a Black woman.
  4. The Black woman will now be seen as an affirmative action choice instead of the best person for the job.
  5. The Black woman will raise the identity politics flag for Repubs.

Well done, Amy.

Veep Stakes

Even though no one is the Dem nom yet. VEEP predictions abound.

NYPost is floating a story that Andrew Yang is considered by Bloomberg. Cannot understand what that brings to the table. New York business guys. Yang should go for Mike’s old job as Mayor of NYC.

Kamala Harris is the current choice of media speculation to run with Biden. She kinda trashed him in a debate. Plus two Senators. And. California? That’s not a swing state. Lizzie will be lucky to win her own Massachusetts on Super Tuesday. Bernie will likely embarrass her there. Even if she puts a Castro on the ticket.

And Bernie? As he said it won’t be an old white guy. Oh the frenzy if he could pick AOC. But. He can’t. So. We’ll see.