Broken Record Alert

Until America loves its children more than its guns nothing will change. This time another two dead kids; a six-year old boy and a thirteen-year old girl at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.

A Country in Chasm

Our divided country’s fissures don’t seem to be narrowing. A staged CNN anti-gun town hall exploited grieving kids and relatives of murdered students. The White House held its own listening meeting as the President pushed arming military-trained teachers. Today NRA Chair Wayne LaPierre used his insane rant at CPAC as a call to war against rising socialism.

Then there’s the never-ending gender divide. New York Times opinion column The Boys Are Not All Right by Michael Ian Black discusses guns and boys. It so resonated with my sentiments on the subject, I commented and it was a NYTimes Pick. Making young men feel that they are toxic surely will not provide a healthier outlook. Broken record alert.

Even the poor Central Park forsythia is conflicted. Is it February? Hope springs… 

Let Students Rule

Let the student victims of gun violence speak. Get off the stage politicians. Lawmakers. Let the students march. Stay away other causes. Including #metoo, ACLU. It’s about these young people. It’s their cause. Keep it that way and maybe this time it will create change.

Parkland Strong.

On the Button

@PushDicksButton is the bomb. 88-year old double gold medal figure skating champion’s tweets are as always analytically apt. With a bitchy twist. #Ugly leg on the layback catch foot. #Flailing arms is not skating. #Too much skirt. Meh. #Ha!

Tanith White was superb in her ice dancing commentary. Redemption for a lackluster games. Even as the stadium seats remain unfilled. On the downhill. Lindsey Vonn is a role model with extreme tenacity and a bronze medal. Class act.

On the home front. America’s children are not waiting for America to love them more than it loves its guns. They are taking action. Hope it makes a difference. Hope.

Broken Rings

More complaining about the Olympics. Johnny & Tara are the only entertaining part of the coverage and they don’t give them any airtime. Now they’ve added a chaperone to keep them in line. And. The stands in the skating arena are empty. How does that happen?

Speaking of rings. Trump’s alleged extramarital affair with a Playboy model is a big surprise. Not. “Rat Pack relic” that he is. And speaking of the Rat Pack, is there any question that Ronan Farrow is Old Blue Eyes’ aka Frank Sinatra’s son? None.

Speaking of broken. If incessant mass shootings were so-called “terrorist attacks” would there be more response? Of course. The NRA is a far more destructive and dangerous terrorist organization to our homeland security than ISIS is any day.

Global Odds

BREXIT. Odds-makers leaning toward Brits remaining in the EU. Predictive here too. Nationalism vs. Global Economy. Trump vs. Hillary. We’ll see. Guy took a rifle to a movie theater in Germany. No NRA mega-magazine so nobody died. Maybe spooked the vote.