Clock Works

The Night Circus is a tightly wound time piece. Nocturnal wonderment. Transcendent love. Boundless imagination. Morgenstern’s first novel is a tour de force.  5 stars. When you read it, and you must, pay close attention to chapter headings and dates. When I finally got the “Bailey” joke, I laughed out loud. This was one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. Couldn’t put it down. Hated to have it end. Loved it.

Amanda Knox’ four year purgatory finally over. Her Italian amante’s as well. Seems right. Conrad Murray, not so much. If you are a cardiologist, it’s good to know CPR at the very least. ElevatorEcon continues. Tick tock Andy Rooney.

Love’s Labour

Rained out of CW boat visit in Greenport, Amagansett redux. Not beach weather. Cajoled Ben to venture north. Wonderful photos, stories from Romania. Look forward to his take on Patrick McGuinness’ Last Hundred Days. This Man Booker long-lister tells the story of the fall of Communism in Romania 1989. It depicts the end of Ceausescu’s reign of brutality along side his evil wife Elena.

DeMint Tea steeped at Forum in South Carolina, a chilling brew of GOP candidates’ policies. K9Queen spent Labor Day weekend embracing cherished St. Helena haunts. Terra bar, Market, Meadowood. Napa pre-crush. Gorgeous. Jealous. Djok and Serena, no love surprises. Did Rory see Caroline’s win?

Trek Pourri

‘Franco’ is back. September. Yup. James Franco on GH the soap. Katie Couric better not get in the way of my favorite menacing serial killer. Found a 2009 Richard Russo novel, That Old Cape Magic. It’s not Empire Falls nor Bridge of Sighs, but I liked it. Thought provoking. Marriage in the sandwich years. BoSox’ Ellsbury on fire, NYY A-Rod in the hot seat. BaggerWoods’ return to the links. Have to watch Quijote even without his Panza. Addictions are hard to break.

Jon Huntsman’s campaign story is soap opera fodder. But, New York Magazine’s article on the Romney v. Huntsman saga is epic. You heard it here first! Hope Congressional caped crusaders are having a great vacation leaving USA in the lurch. PrezO turns 50 today, already grey. Not easy.

CandyPants asks: What’s with the doily doo dads on Mika’s dresses? Not pretty.