2015 Downs & Ups


End of MadMen.
Brute violence. NFL. Goodell.
Tiger’s final demise. Golf as a fun to watch sport.
Girl on the Train. Fates and Furies. Hyped books.
Emojis. Symbols that replace words.
ISIS thugs. Paris. U.S. World. Under Siege.
Guns. Guns. Guns.
Too many good ones gone.


MadMen ending. The real thing.
The Affair. Ray Donovan.
Trump & Renegade Repubs.
Pope Francis charms the U.S.
New York weekends. Ocean Grill. Mermaid Inn.
Travel Treks. Cathy & Krusty. IMG_0658
IMG_1473Van Gogh at the Clark, Williamstown.
Forked around Long Island twice. DSC_0050


Ogilvy Account Director mAdBen. Seattle star.


May Tags

Recipe Detour. First Hadley grass is here. Grill it. Steam it. Roast it. Eat it.
Travel Trek. Emily Dickinson Museum. Died on this date. Belle of Amherst.
TV Trek. Wayward Pines. It’s not Twin Peaks. But it is quirky.

Book Trek. The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me. Gotta love a hardcover memoir that comes bound with a pink ribbon bookmark. And it’s a delicious biography of a talented wealthy old dandy and his people playthings. Evolving decades of life at an Oxfordshire estate and its unlikely heirs. Fun read.

Bon weekend.