Tonys the best TV show. Actual talent on display from old classics Oklahoma or Kiss Me Kate. James Corden. Who new? He was great.

Big Little Lies. Season 2. Abusive husband replaced by abusive mother-in-law. Of course. Celeste takes the bait. Evil and dark, Meryl Streep is even better in the role than I’d predicted. Real. Resonates.

Rory woke up and commanded Canada’s course. Welcome back.

Sunday Times

My comments were NYTimes Picks today – on Maureen Dowd’s column  Bill’s Belated #MeToo Moment, and Kat Stoeffel’s about her mother’s obsession with a certain cable news network,  The Age of the MSNBC Mom. Never without an opinion. Duck and cover on the UWS!

Tony’s. Saw nominated Amy Schumer in Meteor Shower and Mark Rylance in his playwright wife Claire Van Kampen’s Farinelli & the King. Also Parisian Woman with Uma Thurman. Not nominated. For good reason. As for most everything else. Re-treads. And. If SpongeBob is any indication of the musical’s future. It’s dark. On the bright side tonight’s showstoppers Sara & Josh. And. Parkland High School’s poignantly performed Seasons of Love from Rent.

Bruce Springsteen is the heartland’s melodic poet. Recalls the global Bourdain. Jersey boys.

Cold May

Hooray. Hooray. First of May. Outdoor nothing starts today. Too cold and rainy.

If mice and men were gay, they’d have been nominated for Tony’s. Hey. It’s Broadway. Chris O’Dowd was nominated for his poignantly confused Lennie. Yay. Mark Rylance’s sublime Olivia in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night should win

America’s royal baby bump is cute. But. Chelsea Clinton is no Kate Middleton. American Idol’s Sam Woolf is sweet. But. He is Ricky Nelson reincarnate. Ancient reference noted. They are all too-young and two-dimensional this season. Celebrex! Celebrex! Dance to the Muzak. Bon weekend.