Tip of the Weisselberg

Credit to Dr. Husband

Michael Cohen’s testimony did some serious damage to Trump. But. Given the many references to The Donald’s 40-year CFO, Allen Weisselberg, who has limited immunity, that’s where the danger lies. Follow the money. Not in Russia. In New York.

Meanwhile, the bromance seems broken between Donny & North Korea’s Kim. And. Most chilling. India and Pakistan tensions are taut.

Competing Chyrons

As the EU Head and Trump addressed the White House Press today, these chyrons appeared on the bottom of each cable news screen:

Trump Makes Surprise Statement as Pompeo Grilled on Russia – CNN

President Trump: The EU will Work toward Zero Tariffs – FOX

Trump Speaks on Trade After Trump, Cohen Audio Surfaces – MSNBC

That’s the American Media today in a nutshell.