Mad Play

Tiger is back! Mad sick chip on the 16th. Jack Nicklaus said it was the gutsiest, best golf shot he’s ever seen. It was so much fun to watch. Long time coming.

Lane’s demise was predictable. As was Jaguar not starting. Don should have protected himself and the agency by confiscating Lane’s keys and making him leave immediately. Wait until he finds out about the big loan. Don is now haunted by two suicides for which he feels culpable. He bears no blame for Lane’s, he was too humane. Glen and Sally. Strange. Gratuitous. One more episode.

Matt Creamer’s AdAge recap spot on. Change in profit margins of ad agencies when fees/commissions replaced fat retainers. Life is crappy theme. Sally’s first period frame made him drop his iPad. In so many ways. Eeeyuu.

Dear Mr. President. Hurry up and get a new team. Leadership. Now. Krugman is right. It’s not the time for austerity in this teetering global economy.