Sense and Sensibility

As the election year shapes up, voters look for authenticity in candidates and politicians. Mayor Pete is a married gay military vet who hunts. He doesn’t play any of those cards for identity label advantage. Lizzie Warren is a consistent consumer hawk who talks about her life. But. Never plays the woman card as a thing. Both rising in the polls.

Series finale of The Affair. Made total sense. A sublime ending with earned redemption and hope. Beautifully crafted by Sarah Treem, the brilliant writer also noted for In Treatment and House of Cards.

And. Lamar Jackson, QB Ravens. C’mon.

Summer Finales

Looking forward to a refreshing Fall. In the meantime, two excellent series had their finales.

The Affair tied up all its loose ends in perfect knots. The best season since the first. Noah & Cole’s excellent adventure with Anton was hilarious. Until it wasn’t. Everyone’s character honestly portrayed to the climax. A parting shot of Lobster Roll on the Montauk Highway. Empty without Alison. Cannot imagine why a Season 5. What will they do?

Sharp Objects. More a mood piece than story. Twin Peaks-y when it was good. Music brilliant. Ensemble cast stellar. Patricia Clarkson the perfect quiet witch of a mother. Watched it twice. So rich in detail. A fun if unsavory summer side dish. Parlante!

Finishing Touches

Snow. Sleet. Wind. Time to finish series left dormant on DVR. The Affair season 3 was not as riveting as past two. It did leave each in the cheating couple alone at the end. Good Behavior besides star Michelle Dockery’s great performance as a very flawed woman, also features a stellar acting ensemble. Bradley Cooper in movie Burnt was a fun distraction about dueling top chefs in London. SNL did not live up to prior weeks’ standards. Alec Baldwin disappointing. Writing weak. On to Girls, Grammy’s and Homeland.

Capping off a successful Super Bowl celebration, Bob Kraft dined with Japan’s Abe & the Trump’s at Mar-a-Lago while Bill Belichick played golf at Pebble Beach (but he is a member of Mar-a-Lago).


Too soon? I’ve given all you TTSD sufferers prescriptions and time. So let’s look at the bright side. Dollar stronger. Markets up. Congress might get something done with Pence as an experienced liaison. DNC will get sorely needed new blood. Maybe even House leadership will shift to Tim Ryan. Liberal causes will have fund-raising paloozas. Gay rights. Black lives matter. Womens’ marches. For women who didn’t vote for Trump. All now have lots to cry and whine and protest about. Yay!  Note to protesters: Next time vote.

On the entertainment front. Trump’s Presidency aside. The Affair Season 3 starts Sunday. Michelle Dockery’s new series Good Behavior is pretty good.

Snarkington Post

Okay. Holiday schmaltz is upon us. Snark break. Lauren Bush Lauren aka Lifshitz had a baby. Adele’s new album should have gone the way of Amy Winehouse’s second. Too soon? SNL’s Adele Thanksgiving table banter was familiar and funny. Matthew McConaughey has physical humor chops. AMA show a study in narcissistic indulgence. Except for JLo. She stuns. Homeland too close to home in current terrorist theme if cartoony in personal plotline. The Affair gets better every week. Williams College location scenes. My money is on the jilted daughter. Spoiler alert. IMG_1479

Pats continue undefeated in a weak division of the flimsy AFC. But, best head coach with a great QB. One of the few who knows clock management. Makes the most of every player. Rex Ryan angry. And. So long SanFran’s Kaepernick. “Foot injury” puts you on IR. Right, Peyton in Denver?

Side Lines

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s new book, Off the Sidelines. Navigating life on the political playing field. Her long drive from motherhood to congressional leadership. Can’t do it from the bleachers. On other gridirons, Peyton Manning managed to make history with most touchdown passes. After his SuperBowl pummeling, a better legacy. Even if SanFran handed it to him. Cowboys rise again. Old rivalries recalled as baseball Giants series begins.

Gone Plots. The Affair is a derivative of Gillian Flynn’s he-said, she-said psychological thriller. Alison v. Noah. Amy v. Nick. Love The Affair’s familiar scenes at Lunch, the enduring Lobster Roll diner.  A frequent stop for over 33 years along the Montauk Highway, our favorite byway to Amagansett. cropped-dsc_00991.jpg

On Homeland, Carrie has gone back to employing her basic instincts in edgy espionage and seductive recruiting. Blurry lines.