Philly Dilly

Superb Bowl 52. Great game. Everything from missed kicks to creative plays. Couldn’t miss a minute. Including commercial breaks. Eli & Odell stole the ads fest. My fave was Stranger Things Tide guy. Justin Timberlake’s half-time show may have been good. Who knows? Muffled bad sound. Again. So. My predilection was Minnesota beats Pats at home. No. My prediction Pats beat Eagles. Also no. But. Who cares? Philly is the dilly!

Moments of Truth

Crap hole vs. crap house. Level of today’s political prevarications debate.
One incompetent guy in Hawaii can push a button and cause panic. Or worse. See TTSD.
Twenty years after. Lewinsky is a verb. Bill Clinton is revered.
mAdBen is back from Ischgl after hitting 57 mph. That’s downhill.
Super Bowl prediction. Pats beat Eagles.
Super Bowl predilection. Vikings beat Pats in Minnesota.

Finishing Touches

Snow. Sleet. Wind. Time to finish series left dormant on DVR. The Affair season 3 was not as riveting as past two. It did leave each in the cheating couple alone at the end. Good Behavior besides star Michelle Dockery’s great performance as a very flawed woman, also features a stellar acting ensemble. Bradley Cooper in movie Burnt was a fun distraction about dueling top chefs in London. SNL did not live up to prior weeks’ standards. Alec Baldwin disappointing. Writing weak. On to Girls, Grammy’s and Homeland.

Capping off a successful Super Bowl celebration, Bob Kraft dined with Japan’s Abe & the Trump’s at Mar-a-Lago while Bill Belichick played golf at Pebble Beach (but he is a member of Mar-a-Lago).

Good News Bad News

Good News. Trump is emphasizing economic growth and jobs across racial and gender lines. Bad News. He’s still obsessed with conspiracy fraud in the election results and crowd size. TTSD continues.

Good News. Left-wing activist groups will raise bizillions of dollars railing against Trump’s agenda and social policies. Bad News. Identity politics won’t win general elections.

Good News. My picks made it to the Super Bowl. Bad News. Pats may win. Again.

Good News. Tiger returns to Torrey Pines. Bad News. If he doesn’t make the cut it’ll suck.

Danger Field

Rodney Dangerfield. The comedian famous for lamenting “I don’t get no respect”.  This may be the constant rant we hear over the next four years. As our new Petulant Adolescent President continues his knee-jerk – emphasis on jerk – reactions to each perceived disrespect. With Theresa May sounding similar in the UK it could be a dangerous world. Cue TTSD.

On the football field. Will I. Am v. Peeper Creeper. The 2 Rodgers v. the Ryan-Shanahan Fighting Irish. Okay. I say. SuperBowl. Atlanta v. Pats. Atlanta wins.

De Briefs

So I was right about Rubio the Robot. He couldn’t reboot the loop. Thank you, Christie. You made the debate. And the pigs were right about the Broncos. Bum Phillips’ son Wade and his defensive team were the MVP’s. Cam looked as stunned as Brady did in their wake. But. It’s still the white boys club. Make no mistake. Manning’s. Rooney’s. Goodell rules. Commercials. Halftime. Meh.

And. There is a special place in hell for old biddies who hate men. Who trash young interns and only support women who agree with their politics.

Super Stakes

SuperBowl 5-0. No. GOP Debate. Marco-mentum drummed up by the media and Republi-Cons. Cruz’ Nixonian sneer. Trump stock tumbling. Kasich, Christie, Bush, Carson last stand. Brawl. Please. When you hear conservative. Jello shot.

SNL tonite. Will the real Sanders please stand up? ¿Quién es más macho? Bernie? Larry? Larry? Sanders. Sanders. David.

The pigs on Kelly & Michael picked Hillary and Ted in Iowa. Broncos over Panthers. Denver has no shot, but the pigs were right twice. So. Who knows? Who cares? Good commercials and half time show. Bon weekend.