Irish Wake

Happy St. Patrick’s Day? No green beer this year. No parade. Nor corned beef and cabbage. Maybe some pubs will have clandestine revelry behind the frosted glass. Like a private Irish wake.

We had them in my family. Maudlin drunken rollicking passages. NYC and the world are in the throes of one. An epidemic milestone.

So.  Put on your tophat with the shamrock on it. Find a streaming tavern scene and lift a virtual Guinness to get through it. Sláinte.

Or. Make St. Pat’s Soup.

Comedy v. Comity

Bi-partisan comedy shows. Rachel Maddow. Judge Napolitano. Very little comity to go around. Colleen columnist Peggy Noonan calls for reaching across the aisle in today’s WSJ. It’d be a nice change. From farcical hyperbole to creative cooperation. Green beer and shamrocks notwithstanding. Won’t happen.

What’s funnier than Carol Colitti Levine celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?! Irish eyes are smiling, Mom!