Fizz Damage

Juno. Storm of the Century? Not in NYC. Nor here. Thankfully power stayed on. 5″ instead of forecasted 25″. ¬†Some to our east not so lucky. But. C’mon. Weather reports dominate local and national news. How many ways can you say it’s gonna snow a lot? Inflammatory hype gets the play. Ratings are better when Jim Cantore stands in a sleety maelstrom on a popular beach. Just don’t tell people it is definitely coming their way. Say it might. Then adjust as storms actually develop. Models are just that. As with all things, it’s all in the gray. Otherwise, businesses, workers, local economies, everybody pays. $1.2 billion lost Tuesday.

White Shout!

Juno. No. Not Juneau, Alaska. Not the cute movie, either. The monster blizzard of 2015. Worst storm in history! DeBlasio had to have a talk with his son Dante about the overwhelming whiteness that is about to overtake New York City. Where is Al Sharpton? Mega plows will not be able to keep up with this beast of wind and snow. Weathermen bundled up in parking lots showing us flakes. It’s great. Until you can’t see them anymore because of the whiteout. Or, the power’s out. Stuck in our icy ugh-loos. Eating peanut butter and jelly by candlelight.

Yeah. Can’t wait.

High Perbole

So, now the fish stories begin. Our plow guy was just here and said he took a foot of snow off last night, plus 18″ today, that’s a lot of snow. And, he’ll bill us for it. Ha! Well, it does look impressive.¬†photo-24Governor still won’t let us drive. $500 fine, year in jail. A little over the top.