Teddy Talk

Michelle Obama is criticizing Sheryl Sandburg’s TED talks which advised women to “lean in” at work to get ahead. The former First Lady does not believe it’s appropriate to put the burden on individual women rather than change corporate policies. I’m somewhat in the Sandburg camp. Performance is key. Yet. Can’t have it all at the same time. Agree.

In that regard, Bloomberg study proves my fear that a #MeToo backlash would be swift and severe. Men are now afraid to be alone with women in and out of the workplace. That will mean more segregation and less opportunities for women to be where business is often conducted. And. Now more than ever important to keep teddies hidden and only wear professional attire.

Speaking of Teddy Ruxpin redux. That old animatronic talking bear is making a resurgence this Christmas. Its ignominious financial collapse was the stuffing of the 1987 market crash.

Never forget that deal or that day.

Where’s the Parade?!

paradeI’m ready for the Macy’s Parade. Where is everybody? Bleachers are empty and waiting for the Balloons on Central Park West. According to the Economistthis could be retail’s last Yuletide stand. Online shopping taking over the UK. Gifts delivered within a day. Soon in the USA.

Brexit’s Fallout

With Britain out of the EU there is no strong leader to thwart a nationalistic tide and corral an economy in decline. Angela Merkel confronts a shaky election season, with Euro quaking. Wage stagnation, quantitative easing under fire, Bundesbank v. ECB portends a floppy future. As Janet Yellen grapples with interest rate decisions, sub-zero seems silly over there. Yet. What are we facing here? The prospects for weak leadership and a growing sentiment for nationalism.

YERP-ean Vacation

American tourists’ stock proclamation. “We’re going to YERP this summer.” If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium. Guided bus tours and Viking river cruises. Groups going from one YERP-ean country to the next. Sweden? No. Switzerland? Where are we today? As in Bermuda shorts high-socks wearing wanderers. Then in 1992 it became an economic experiment. The EU. The Euro. Central Bank Chairs thought it could succeed. YERP. Despite centuries of ingrained cultures and histories. Former enemies financial friends. Nope. Never thought it would work.

Globalization is not in style, Hillary. Mark Cuban. Warren Buffett. Notwithstanding.


BREXIT. NEXIT. Brits are preparing to vote on secession from the EU on June 23rd. Could the Netherlands be next? A whole domino effect may ensue. As migrants return over the summer, countries will hunker down into their respective cultures. Fear will return “Yerp” toward its original borders. Meanwhile, a petulant adolescent who may become President is stoking nationalism back in the U.S.A. Take stock of your 401k!

Euro Brink

As we obsess over political shenanigans in the U.S.- Europe is on the brink.

Refugee crisis causing cataclysmic shifts in economies and cultures in European nations. Finally the demise of Yerp? Splintering back into its historical borders. Retreating. Retrenching. Yet. If U.S. does not act to prop up these countries with proactive financial strategy it too will sink under the weight of a global collapse. Credit Suisse warned of recession back in March.

Film Fest

Thanks to a gracious screening treat. Got to see Oscar-nominated films. On the bright side. Spotlight. A wise, poignant, powerful, well-written piece with a stellar ensemble cast. Journalism that rocked the Catholic Church around the world. The Big Short. Preachy pretentious primer on the mortgage-backed financial collapse of 2008. Poorly written for elementary school students who need a seminar in finance and a wrap on the wrist. A plotless diatribe pandering to Elizabeth Warren-ites. Blech!  Brooklyn next.

Nary a flake in Northampton. IMG_1905

Unlike NYC. IMG_1695

Looking forward to NFL fest.

Tina and Darrell nailed it. Again.