Lamar Alexander says no on witnesses. So. Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Finally over. Before we are blessedly released from its capture by the media, let’s grade the players.

Best in show – House Manager Hakeem Jeffries and President’s Counsel Patrick Philbin. Losers – loquaciously righteous Manager Adam Schiff and President’s Counsel Alan Dershowitz. Most intelligent questions – Senator Sinema, Arizona. Nastiest questions – Senator Warren, Massachusetts. Chief Justice Roberts a perfectly reticent arbiter. Although arcane, the process was quaintly civil. Let’s go with that.

Hilarious capper to the whole show. Jerry Nadler waddling up to the mic to close the deal under the clear protest of Schiff. Yup. Just shut him up.

Untoward Torture

What did we do to deserve this? The American people did nothing wrong. Why are we being subjected to this extended torture? Days upon days of blathering bluster. Repetitive regurgitations of mindless muddle. The Senate Impeachment Trial.

House Managers. For 3 days. After a marathon yesterday. After hearing them for days in the House. Cannot abide Schiff or Nadler for another minute. As poor Lizzie, Bernie & Amy are stuck there kept from the campaign trail. Lucky Joe. Luckier Trump. And Mike!

Thanks to Book Club for a much needed diversion. Purple Hibiscus good or bad will be a godsend.