Here We Go Again!

Everything old is new again. Bill’s former foes and friends. Ken Starr. Alan Dershowitz. Doddering Senators who were there during the Lewinsky case. America’s erstwhile beloved Mayor Rooody.

Senate Impeachment Trial begins today. Trump is fiddling in Davos while Rome burns. As Mayor Mike stays out of fray to mount a race. Oy vey. The Boys Club never seems to go away.

Rudy & His Friends

Das Vedanya Rooody & Friends. Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale. You all gambled the Trump Presidency for dirt on the Bidens and a few rubles in Pottsylvania. Relegated the American government to cartoon characters from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.

See you at the Senate trial. Dudley Do-Right McConnell vs. Schiffty Schiff & Snidely Schumer. The reality television spectacle of the decade.

Bullwinkle dahling. We retire to Mar-a-Lago now? Dah. We go.