Cuban Sandwich

Trump the filler for a Cruz – Rubio face-off? Tonight’s Vegas main event showcases 9 contenders. Rush Limbaugh has signaled a turn from Donald to Ted. Could this be a watershed moment for tea party darling to win the decision? The other slice of the Cuban sandwich is Marco, Republican establishment sweetheart. Those with nothing to lose could go rogue. Jeb!? and Chris.

Drinking game words for the debate: Vet, as in Veteran or vetting terrorists and refugees. Radical Islam. Illegal immigrant. Visa. Paris. San Bernardino. Malik. 

All About DeBates

Not the treble. Undercard fight. Hardly a debate. Empty Q&A. I’d have been drunk after two minutes of just Bobby Jindal. Good thing I ate dinner instead. Fiorina was the only standout. Precise punches. Articulate policy ideas. Great job. As one who knows the rigors of climbing the corporate ladder as a woman in those days first hand, I admire her. Rising from secretary to the corner office, I get it. But, Carly comes off as a little sour if you ask me. Too bad. VP?

On to the main event. Again, not a debate. But, it did have its brawl moments. Scott Walker and Rand Paul have the icky factor. Bad hair. See. I’m not sexist. Trump stumbled. Kasich solid. Rubio better than usual. Jeb meh. Christie nah.

Provocative questions. No one won. Trump falling. Okay. I’m done.