Pete Poll

President Pete Buttigieg? You heard it here on March 11. Since then many family members have declared their agreement. And today a unanimous endorsement by our New York City Book Club. Anecdotal evidence that of all the candidates his star is rising. The more we see and hear the South Bend Indiana Mayor, the more we like.

And. It seems that he is now the most trending and googled of all the Dems nationally. Even the eclectic and opinionated ladies of The View expressed their love from Ana Navarro & Meghan McCain to Joy & Whoopi.   Go Booda – Judge!

President Pete?

Pete Buttigieg. President? Maybe not. But. So far. Best of the lot.

Funny. Smart. Glib. Relatable. Not strident. Talking points-free. Just really … smart.  Understands people. Communicates crisply and cleanly. Pragmatic. Yet empathetic. And. Smart. Harvard. Oxford. Rhodes Scholar. Yet. Not a wonky moonbat. Served in Afghanistan. Worked at McKinsey. Mayor of South Bend. More executive experience than most. Say it. Booda-judge. What’s not to love?

Sent him a few bucks. He’s worth supporting.