Elite & Pete

Mayor Pete on with Bill Maher who threw some blocks. Booda parried pretty well, but it was the first time he was tested. Lazy pundits giggle as they say it’s too hard to pronounce his name. Isn’t that their job? Anyway. He will have to figure out a nickname of sorts it seems.

Hey Joe. Biden. Just say no!

Meanwhile. The Elite Eight. Great games with the exception of North Carolina. They were sloppy, frenzied and poorly coached. Joey3 has 3. Me 2. mAdBen 1. Go Texas Tech & Michigan State!

President Pete?

Pete Buttigieg. President? Maybe not. But. So far. Best of the lot.

Funny. Smart. Glib. Relatable. Not strident. Talking points-free. Just really … smart.  Understands people. Communicates crisply and cleanly. Pragmatic. Yet empathetic. And. Smart. Harvard. Oxford. Rhodes Scholar. Yet. Not a wonky moonbat. Served in Afghanistan. Worked at McKinsey. Mayor of South Bend. More executive experience than most. Say it. Booda-judge. What’s not to love?

Sent him a few bucks. He’s worth supporting.