Me Worry?

Trump’s nicknames do resonate. Sleepy Creepy Joe. Crazy Bernie.

But. When Trump dubbed Buttigieg Alfred E. Neuman, Mayor Pete had to Google it. For us oldsters, Mad Magazine, and its mascot are easy to conjure. That familiar face of our generation was derived from several drawings including a c. 1940’s postcard.

Have to admit. Trump nailed it with this one.

Maundy Barr

And so it begins. Mueller Time. Republicans will look to AG Barr’s washing away any evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors as redemption. Democrats will see Barr’s news conference as a whitewash of obstruction charges. As always, each side will take away the words which corroborate its own Trump narrative.

Journalism’s low bar for objectivity no more glaring than anchors’ hair on fire even before the report is released.

Nancy Pelosi will ultimately play Pontius Pilate.

In better news. Mayor Pete can speak beautiful French. Just to brighten his halo before an NYC fundraiser. And. Capitalism again rules. $800 million already raised to rebuild Notre Dame.

Mayors Mike & Pete

My go-to guy for President, Mike Bloomberg, may still run. As a Democrat. Maybe he can run with Mayor Pete. East Coast short guy. Mid-west short guy. Great ticket! Smartest duo on the planet. Sign me up.

What a debate stage it’ll be. Joe smelling Kamala’s hair. Beto standing on the podium waving his arms. Amy eating salad with her comb. Granny Warren hawking her Native American cookbook. Bernie yelling “billionaires!” Mayors Mike & Pete answering policy questions. And a bunch of others milling around trying to look relevant. Can’t wait!

Trump Abruptly Resigns!

TTSD is over! No more Trump! Sorry. April Fool’s.

What is true is that Mayor Pete raised over $7m in the first quarter. You’re welcome. And. Michigan State really did beat Duke. I Am Not Charlotte Simmons. And. Texas Tech also made it to the Final Four. And. It’s a bright sunny Spring day. So Yay.

Elite & Pete

Mayor Pete on with Bill Maher who threw some blocks. Booda parried pretty well, but it was the first time he was tested. Lazy pundits giggle as they say it’s too hard to pronounce his name. Isn’t that their job? Anyway. He will have to figure out a nickname of sorts it seems.

Hey Joe. Biden. Just say no!

Meanwhile. The Elite Eight. Great games with the exception of North Carolina. They were sloppy, frenzied and poorly coached. Joey3 has 3. Me 2. mAdBen 1. Go Texas Tech & Michigan State!

Pete Poll

President Pete Buttigieg? You heard it here on March 11. Since then many family members have declared their agreement. And today a unanimous endorsement by our New York City Book Club. Anecdotal evidence that of all the candidates his star is rising. The more we see and hear the South Bend Indiana Mayor, the more we like.

And. It seems that he is now the most trending and googled of all the Dems nationally. Even the eclectic and opinionated ladies of The View expressed their love from Ana Navarro & Meghan McCain to Joy & Whoopi.   Go Booda – Judge!

President Pete?

Pete Buttigieg. President? Maybe not. But. So far. Best of the lot.

Funny. Smart. Glib. Relatable. Not strident. Talking points-free. Just really … smart.  Understands people. Communicates crisply and cleanly. Pragmatic. Yet empathetic. And. Smart. Harvard. Oxford. Rhodes Scholar. Yet. Not a wonky moonbat. Served in Afghanistan. Worked at McKinsey. Mayor of South Bend. More executive experience than most. Say it. Booda-judge. What’s not to love?

Sent him a few bucks. He’s worth supporting.