The New Abnormal

Global warming? Balmy February in New York. Rowboats on the Lake. rowboats-in-feb

Bannon’s economic nationalism. Dismantling administrative state. Trump golfing with Els and McIlroy. The new abnormal.

Books are still normal. Just finished a good one. The Honeymoon, Dinitia Smith. A novel about literary icon George Eliot’s life and last honeymoon. Which was a doozy. See review here. Oscars. Ho-hum. This year.

Sap Flow

DSC_0010-3The sugar maples are running. Dark amber flow. DSC_0002-5

Just as we have a new dynamic duo. Tweedle Don. And. Tweedle Christie. Lots of sappy soundbites. Hillary wants love and kindness. Nice. Bernie’s run was good while it lasted. Lost its glow.

Oscars show. Can Chris Rock the house? Brooklyn syrupy. Bridge of Spies. Stellar. Rylance and Hanks. Gorgeous attention to detail. Marmalade moment. What The Big Short was not. Still fave Spotlight. Ruffalo.

Best In Show

Oscars. Red Carpet. Publicists dressed like handlers at the Westminster Dog Show. Leading their pets around the ring. Not as many actors navigated the gauntlet this year. ABC didn’t ask who-are-you-wearing questions. E! gets sillier every year. Hope they’ll disappear. Neil Patrick Harris. Runner-up. Not as great as expected. Lady Gaga stole the night with her Sound of Music score. Hollywood’s narcissism reigned in the end with Birdman.

Switched to Downton. Perfect time to fast-forward back at the Academy Bores.

A Maaay Zing

Amazing! If you took a swig every time this word was exclaimed on the red carpet, you are already drunk. If you keep slugging as it’s said at the Oscars show, you will be comatose. It means nothing. It means everything. Dresses. Performances. What it really means is that movie stars have no vocabulary. Amazing!


WeekEnder. Oscars maybe. Depends on travel conditions Sunday. Catch them on replay. Don’t care. Saw none. Better writing Showtime, HBO. Friends liked Argo.

Match play golf in Arizona. Wait for melting snow, freeze out. Tiger and Rory already gone. Where do Republican losers go? FauxNews. Brown. Romney? NBC last in ratings. Ditch Lauer, Gregory. Replace Today with Morning Joe.

Storm dodge. Weekend adventure. Manhattan, ho! Bon weekend.