Nobel Laureate

‘The pursuit of peace is not as romantic as the pursuit of war’. Quote from JFK. Obama presented his case for diplomacy over military action today in the best speech of his presidency. His historical context reaffirmed a consistent view of the right path for the world. Illustrating Iraq War as prelude to Iran’s rise caused by the same NeoCon hawks still spewing serial stridency of soldiers over diplomats. Hyperbole that has led us into the quagmires of the past.

World War II has been over for a very long time. The Cold War was won without a nuclear detonation. Or invading another sovereign nation. Iran Deal epitomizes Obama’s strategy. Peace Prize was truly won today.

Gray Matters

Thoughts for a foggy day. PrezO gave a refinement of his foreign policy at West Point yesterday. Everyone on the left and right decries lack of a clear doctrine. Current geopolitical circumstances are such that there is no longer the black v. white, good v. evil of World & Cold Wars of the past. It takes a more nuanced perspective to understand that the the world is gray. Choices between brutal dictators or Al Qaeda are not clear cut. Knee-jerk invasions v. isolationism. ‘Obama doctrine’ lies somewhere in between. It meets the modern reality.

Snowden. Traitor or Hero? As I listened to him last night, I went back and forth. Again, more gray area than right or wrong. At some points, he could have come across as arrogant with delusions of grandeur. At others, he made the case for saving Americans from potential dangers when information is held in nefarious hands. Imagine a leader that sorts data to alienate your ethnic, religious, political group. Chilling. So…  It takes more thinking to come to a cloudy conclusion.