The Last Journalists

Jill Abramson, former Executive Editor of the New York Times, has squandered her opportunity to tell the truth about the lack of objectivity in the current news business. The fact that she is charged with plagarism takes her valid insights off the track.

However, Lara Logan who still has a lot to lose, had the courage to speak out about modern reporting. Bias. Agendas. Scripted narratives. Editing stories to fit the prejudice and slant. It matters not to her whether it’s to the right or the left. It is rare to find anyone in so-called journalism circles brave enough to risk their careers.

Divide & Profit

In Alexandra Pelosi, The Speaker’s daughter, I find a kindred voice. Her travels around “real America” revealed a country very different than the one portrayed on cable news everyday. Pelosi’s documentary Outside the Bubble is on HBO.

“If I hear the term ‘blue wave’ one more time, I am going to personally walk up to MSNBC and punch someone in the face,” she joked, in the HBO cafe overlooking the New York Public Library. “Yes, there’s a blue wave coming out of Manhattan and Los Angeles, where people are sitting home knitting their vagina hats. There’s no blue wave in Alabama. There’s no blue wave in Ohio.

If bridging today’s partisan chasm seems an Augean endeavor, Ms. Pelosi believes cable news is to blame. “There’s too much profit being made right now on the divide,” she said. “How many people in those cable news studios ever really go spend the night in America, not just in the Four Seasons in wherever Trump is at the moment, but I mean really go to somebody’s house, have dinner and talk to them?”  New York Times, October 24, 2018

Good Will Hunting

Right-wing bad-boys. Bill O’Reilly. Roger Ailes. Donald Trump. Left-wing bad-boys. Teddy Kennedy. Jack Kennedy. Bill Clinton. Harvey Weinstein. Yeah. It all depends. Hypocrisy rules. Always. Follow the money.

And. Please. Can we finally dispense with all things Sylvia Plath?

Sicko Pants

“The Worst Marriage in Georgetown” is a true story stranger than any fiction. From Soros to Scalia and military leaders in between, it is incredible how easily they are sucked in by a psycho and his powerful “wife”. Washingtonian sycophants so insular, narcissistic, naive. It’s no wonder the country is in such sorry shape. Beautifully written by Franklin Foer. If you can’t link it here, get the New York Times Magazine tomorrow and read it. Worth the price.

Illustration by Pat Perry from the New York Times.