Re-Writing History

Anita Hill is to speak at Mount Holyoke College 2020 commencement.  They will have a real ceremony later this year rather than hold a virtual one now as many colleges are doing. Biden’s treatment of Hill at the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing will be replayed over the next months as Biden struggles to garner votes from #MeToo feminists.

Speaking of #MeToo. Susan Faludi twisted herself into a pretzel in a NYTimes piece pretending that it wasn’t Believe All Women in an effort to dismiss Tara Reade’s accusation. We saw what they did to Kavanaugh, Susan. You can’t re-write recent history. Hypocrisy pure and simple.

And. June Cleaver is clutching her pearls. Eddie Haskell won’t be down for breakfast.


Mad Grads. Make up your minds, seniors at Smith. One of few remaining all-female colleges. Do you want to see women succeed? Break the glass ceiling? Become leaders on the global stage? Christine Lagarde would have been the perfect speaker at your graduation because she has accomplished all you pretend to desire. You could have learned so much from hearing her perspective. Would you rather a man lead the IMF, banks, businesses? Plus, there’s that free speech thing. They don’t teach that at Smith? You have a great Economics Department. Its professors all disagree with your protests. Good for them!

5/15: I so agreed with Tim Egan’s column, “The Commencement Bigots”. My comment was a NYTimes pick. As an alum of Mount Holyoke, the first and still all-women’s college, I was all the more disappointed in Smith students’ protest of Christine Lagarde, the first woman managing director of the IMF, as this year’s speaker. Women’s Liberal Arts Colleges were founded on the principles of open-mindedness and respect for all opinions. In all walks of life. Not exclusively but most especially those of highly accomplished women.

Taking a few days to recover from MadMen7 episode this week. Bad Betty is back. She was a bit nicer mother when she was fat. Don’s continued connection to Megan is confounding. Ménage à trois notwithstanding. His career strategy seems feckless. And where is Weiner going with the nipple-slashing cray cray storyline? Is it that the Ad World will ultimately turn everyone truly Mad?

Over at Thrones, Tyrion’s soliloquy rises to Shakespearean superlative. Dinklage tour de force. And the rest of it. Talk about madness. Delicious.

Sunday Bells

Fifty years since MLK’s Dream. Let Freedom. As the country becomes more khaki with every generation, it may be achieved. Meanwhile, there’s a tea party faction chiming in on impeaching the first Black President. For what reason?!

Perfect weather as a wedding carillon sang out at Helen Hills Hills chapel in Northampton. Love & laughter for R&JB. Birthday wishes ringing for sister CindyJo. Golfing queen. Julie Harris, “The Belle of Amherst” sadly gone. Mount Holyoke College and Emily Dickinson extoll her perennial portrayal.

Pristine scene as Lady Liberty looms over every green at the Barclays. Manhattan skyline beyond clear as a … well.   Bon weekend.

Old New York

Back from a quick round trip. Headed downtown. High-summer fare on Washington Square in Old Greenwich Village. Blue Hill. Not as good as last time. Shockingly short on seasonal produce. Otto Enoteca, Italian train station pizzeria. Gone is the elegant One Fifth, art deco ship’s bar of yesteryear.

New York in the 1860’s, BBC’s second season of Copper is a good one. Five Points, what is now lower Manhattan in the days leading up to Lincoln’s assassination. Corrupt cops, spies, slavery, counterfeiters. Mount Holyoke’s Czitrom historical consultant. Better than Newsroom. Watch that on a different day, as well as Masterpiece’s Endeavour. Sunday nights chock full of choices.

Great reads about old New Amsterdam from 1600’s to the Civil War~ City of Dreams, Beverly Swerling. HeyDay, Kurt Andersen. Downtown, Pete Hamill.