Here We Go Again!

Everything old is new again. Bill’s former foes and friends. Ken Starr. Alan Dershowitz. Doddering Senators who were there during the Lewinsky case. America’s erstwhile beloved Mayor Rooody.

Senate Impeachment Trial begins today. Trump is fiddling in Davos while Rome burns. As Mayor Mike stays out of fray to mount a race. Oy vey. The Boys Club never seems to go away.

World Collides

As Papa Francisco touches down on U.S. soil for the first time, he’ll almost cross paths with China’s Xi Jinping at the White House and on the Upper East Side. Pope Francis via Cuba. Chairman Xi flying in from Seattle. Old cultures colliding with high tech century. Russia helping us fight ISIS with Syria’s Assad and Iran. Strange alliances. Maybe for the better. New World Order.

Meanwhile, is El Trumpo tapping General Petraeus for his foreign policy team? And as Joe Nocera concludes in today’s New York Times, don’t we all wish Mike Bloomberg had run? I still do. June 4 SideTrek.

President Mike?!

GOP Gallery. Fired CEO carly. Brainless surgeon ben. Carnival cruz. Sweaty rube. Pastor huckster. Sanctimonious saintorum. Libertarian pall. Lindsey hawk. No name pat. Oops perry. That’s only ten. Five more ready to join the fractured fray. On the left? H-Rod. Uncle bernie. Metric lincoln. Wired o’malley.

The only answer? President Mike Bloomberg! A guy who actually ran stuff well and got things done. Public sector. Private Sector. Could spend his own bucks. No need for fundraisers. Beholden to neither K Street nor Wall Street. But. Would middle America vote for a short billionaire Jew from New York?!  They should.