Re-Writing History

Anita Hill is to speak at Mount Holyoke College 2020 commencement.  They will have a real ceremony later this year rather than hold a virtual one now as many colleges are doing. Biden’s treatment of Hill at the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing will be replayed over the next months as Biden struggles to garner votes from #MeToo feminists.

Speaking of #MeToo. Susan Faludi twisted herself into a pretzel in a NYTimes piece pretending that it wasn’t Believe All Women in an effort to dismiss Tara Reade’s accusation. We saw what they did to Kavanaugh, Susan. You can’t re-write recent history. Hypocrisy pure and simple.

And. June Cleaver is clutching her pearls. Eddie Haskell won’t be down for breakfast.

So New?

Not much. Fresh TV content is mostly done. Daytime. Primetime. Even Jeopardy! Until productions go back into operation, it’s all re-runs all the time. Okay. One good newish series. Unorthodox. A slice of life in a fringe Jewish cult with a great performance by an elfin powerhouse.

Biden. An old pol denying culturally-accepted behavior in the old timey days. Nothing new there. #MeToo oozing hypocrisy. New blood. Please.

Even ordered a long-lauded book. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Never appealed. Yet. Was running out of options. So glad I did. One of the best reads in years.