Eight Debate

Trump lost the stage when he whined about the only woman. Asking why does Carly always interrupt. Carly won that contretemps. Every man was interjecting as well. Jeb! must have taken a blue pill. His punctuation point showed a little life. Don’t get Rubio. No gravitas. He remains the darling of the NeoCons and Republican establishment. Cruz is just creepy. Kasich a bit too tart. Rand Paul ornery. Ben Carson is not smart. Surgeons are not necessarily brilliant outside of the operating room. Moderators excellent. Professional.

Winner? Ninth guy. Chris Christie. First debate. He took on Hillary and won the night. Sidewired. Lindsey Graham. A little wacky. But, funny.

Kettle Lead

A flock of new hawks. Joining the Republican kettle of McCain, Graham and Bush. Meet the new NeoCons. Women Democrats. Dianne Feinstein. Kirsten Gillibrand. Hillary Clinton. Shocking. Who knew? A concerted call to defeat Isis where they are before they get us here. So. Now we know what we’ll get with either Jeb! or H-Rod. Boots on the ground. War. Again. Squawking Wolfowitz! Pull the plug.


Not only has Forty Niners QB Kaepernick been benched. Next week’s Republican debate on Fox Business has sidelined Christie and Huckabee. Relegated to the B team. There will only be eight starters in Prime Time. And. When you turn 91, you can tell the truth. Poppy Bush 41 has sent Cheney and Rummy packing. He even casts his own son President 43 under the bus. Makes Jeb!’s prospects for scoring a touchdown even dimmer than ever. He’ll be lucky to get a first down.

Autumn fallen to Christmas. Commercials have already begun. Bon weekend.

Bloomberg Flip

Before Donald. June 4. Pleaded for President Mike. Then, Trump got into the race. Same sound dynamics. Ran things. No need to raise outside funds. New Yorker who rose to the top. Meanwhile, Jeb the Whiner has withered, Kasich hasn’t caught fire, Ben Carson rises despite his snoozy radical views, Rubio looks like a bellhop at the Hilton. Hillary and Bernie continue the Obama regime.

So. For Balance. Don’t you wish it were true? President Mike!¬†Donald Trump for Mayor of New York. Mike Bloomberg for President of the United States. Great.

Mets in Six.

Jeb the Whiner

Whining. Complaining. Frowning. Slouching. Sighing. Poor beleaguered Jeb. You said you didn’t sign up for this. It’s hard to raise money. It’s hard to shake hands 24/7. It’s hard to endure Trump’s jabs. It’s hard to travel night and day. Hey. What did you sign up for anyway? I know. You thought Daddy’s friends would give you lots of dough. You’d make a few speeches and then, they’d escort you into the Convention next summer. You’d be nominated and pull out brother W’s machine to help in the general election. You’d win.

And then, you’d hire Wolfowitz and his crony Neocons to run the show. Oops. Those cantankerous Democrats will be tough to deal with. You won’t like that. It’s hard. Do us all a favor. Go home. Hang out. That’s not hard.


Presidential Candidates parade. Charles Blow on Jebetude. Speaker ineptitude. Peggy Noonan says Kevin McCarthy may have the ambition, but not the brains for the job. Journalistic nepotism. Byline in NYTimes about Hurricane Joaquin. Tatiana Schlossberg and Noah Remnick. Hockey. Baseball. Football. Seasons collude. Mets clinch. Yankees squeeze in. World Series slides into November. Pumpkin fest. Again. It’s not Halloween. Yet. Bon weekend.

DownSide Up

Guess Jeb didn’t like our casting aspersions on his punctuation. The ! has steeled. A bit. Going after The Donald’s conservative bona fides to buck up his own manhood. But. Sui generis. El Trumpo. Let’s see if it works. Carly succeeded in getting CNN to amend its debate criteria. Yay for her. Smart she is.

Yahoo’s CEO risks toppling long-fought need for maternity leave. It teeters already on the precipice of work life balance v. running a business.

And the definition of chutzpah? Cheney. Fear-monger in chief. Still spewing his NeoCon venom. See Jeb! and his foreign policy team.