Not only has Forty Niners QB Kaepernick been benched. Next week’s Republican debate on Fox Business has sidelined Christie and Huckabee. Relegated to the B team. There will only be eight starters in Prime Time. And. When you turn 91, you can tell the truth. Poppy Bush 41 has sent Cheney and Rummy packing. He even casts his own son President 43 under the bus. Makes Jeb!’s prospects for scoring a touchdown even dimmer than ever. He’ll be lucky to get a first down.

Autumn fallen to Christmas. Commercials have already begun. Bon weekend.

Bloomberg Flip

Before Donald. June 4. Pleaded for President Mike. Then, Trump got into the race. Same sound dynamics. Ran things. No need to raise outside funds. New Yorker who rose to the top. Meanwhile, Jeb the Whiner has withered, Kasich hasn’t caught fire, Ben Carson rises despite his snoozy radical views, Rubio looks like a bellhop at the Hilton. Hillary and Bernie continue the Obama regime.

So. For Balance. Don’t you wish it were true? President Mike!¬†Donald Trump for Mayor of New York. Mike Bloomberg for President of the United States. Great.

Mets in Six.