Showboat or Goat?

Bloody Mary mix. Check. Mimosa makings. Check. Cocktail hour starts tomorrow at 10 am. Bars stocked with snacks for The Comey Show. Every channel. Cable and MSM. Radio. Live stream. Former FBI Director center stage. Again. Same guy who spewed judgy speechiness at Hillary. Now. He’ll say he couldn’t say no to one-on-one meetings with El Trumpo. Why not? Obstruction set-up. We’ll soon know.

Trump Trap

FBI-Ex Director Jim Comey thought Hillary was going to win. So revealed Anthony Weiner’s server investigation to save his skin. Just covering his ass. But. Hillary did not win. And Comey’s now potentially complicit in a Trump presidency.

How does Jimmy Comey right that wrong? He needs to take Donny Trump down. It becomes too easy. Donny keeps calling Jimmy. Jimmy could say no no I can’t take the call. No no I won’t have dinner with you. Instead he says yes. Keeps Donny talking. Then writes everything down. Laying the trap for obstruction of justice. Devious.

– Washington Post somewhat agrees

Winning Lost

Hillary’s stunning Presidential election loss has become a second-guessing cottage industry. Blame basket includes Russia, private server, FBI, misogyny, lack of messaging, staff ineptitude, arrogance, deplorables comment, Obama fatigue, entitlement, lousy personality. To name a few. None of these were the most defining factor. What was it?

The press’ constant stories that Hillary was the inevitable winner. Their polls, assertions about her fail-safe ground operation. Virtually no media outlet considered Trump’s chances to be close. Therefore, those sitting on the fence stayed home, believing that if she was going to win easily, no need to vote for a person they weren’t thrilled about. And, critically, after FBI Director Comey believed Attorney General Loretta Lynch was clearly compromised, he couldn’t hold back potentially criminal information on the manifest next President.