Iowa Debacle

Iowa Caucuses. Done. Yet no results as of midnight. Old luddites cannot count ballots. There’s a new app? It makes Florida’s hanging chads look good. Puts the whole future electoral process at risk of losing the confidence of all Americans. Must be them Russians again.

It’s rigged, I tell ya. I can hear Bernie now. And maybe Pete. Folksy Joe’s peeps are seething. So results were “delayed”.   Whatta mess.

But. Hey. Amy stepped up and was a leader who didn’t wait for the incompetents. First up to address her supporters.  A+

Good news is. It took Schiffty Schiff off the tube!

Glaring Light of Day

Now that the delusional Democrat diversions are over. Russian collusion. Ukraine-gate. The bright light is shining on Iowa. And. It’s clear that none of these candidates can beat Trump. Bernie? In the general election? No way. Joe is loved. He is just not very smart. Nor articulate. Nor does he have a real message besides he’s not Trump.

So. Mike Bloomberg is the only hope. But. Not sure if he’ll play in Peoria. Yup. We’re screwed.